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The Practice of Tibetan Kunye Massage

by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Book - 15.00€ (without VAT)


Translated from Tibetan by Elio Guarisco

This short text on Tibetan Kunye massage, written in 1983, was reviewed and completed in 1987. As the Author says in the Introduction: “There exist different kinds of therapies, but those wishing to maintain good health or to rid themselves of physical disturbances by healing themselves through their own energy, Kunye represents a marvellous massage and a marvellous therapy. Massage has been known and widespread in traditional Tibetan medicine since the most ancient times. It is found in both the Bön and Buddhist traditions and is described in numerous texts because it is deemed a particular type of therapy. Furthermore, the fact that practitioners and yogis of all schools and traditions practice it and have preserved and transmitted it confirms its particularity, also corroborated in the stories and hagiographies of many ancient masters."
  • Introduction to Kunye Massage 7
  • Indications and Contraindications Concerning Kunye Massage 9
  • The Meaning of the Term Kunye 13
  • The Application of Unguents According to the Conclusive Tantra 15
  • The Unguent That Is Easily Prepared and Used for Wind Humour Disturbances 20
  • Preparation of the Unguents 21
  • Massage With Creams According to the Conclusive Tantra 25
  • The Application of the Unguents and Creams, Massage
  • and Cleansing the Body 33
  • The Principal Points for Kunye Massage 35
  • The Twenty Points on the Back According to the Conclusive Tantra 39
  • The Twenty-Two Points on the Front According
  • to the Conclusive Tantra 47
  • The Twenty-Nine Secondary Points on the Limbs According to the
  • Conclusive Tantra 51
  • Some Points of Crucial Importance 57
  • Fifty-Seven Particular Acupuncture Points According
  • to the Conclusive Tantra 60
  • How to Practise the Massage 67
  • The Position of the Patient 68
  • Preparation for the Massage 69
  • The Actual Massage 69
  • How to Apply the Unguents and the Creams 70
  • Mobilisation of the Joints 70
  • The Application of Heat 70
  • Massage of the Critical Points 71
  • Pressure on the Critical Points 71
  • Tapping on the Critical Points 71
  • Concluding Verses 73
  • Index of Medical Words 75
  • Table of Medicinal Plants 86
  • Tibetan Text 91

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