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Opening Our Minds
plus free download Video (mp4) about Atiyoga Teachings Public Talks

Atiyoga Public Talks Series

by Namkhai Norbu

Book - 16.00€ (without VAT)


available also: eBook - 12.80€


The video, included with the purchase of the book or ebook, is a synthesis of Master Namkhai Norbu's public lectures on the ATIYOGA teaching : Talk in Noumea, New Caledonia, May 2000 - Talk in Moscow, Russia, April 2011.
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The tireless teaching activity of the autor Namkhai Norbu (1938- 2018) was not based on some missionary sense, an effort of trying to  promote a philosophy or a religion, an attempt to convince, instruct, indoctrinate. It was rather the opposite: as he used to explain with great clarity, upholding a certain philosophy or preaching a religious system, trying to convince people with assumptions of faith or axioms and logics, is just a kind of conditioning. Another conditioning adding to the many layers already present in each of us. Conditioning in fact happens throughout all our lives, through the actions of our parents, society, education systems and so on. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this process, it might be useful for living in a particular social environment, however we need to realize that all conditioning is relative and limiting. 

Namkhai Norbu explained that after having understood this, we have the possibility to turn our attention not to a new belief system but to directly discover our nature that exists beyond all relative conditioning. This very nature is what is called Dzogchen, a Tibetan word that can be translated as the Total Perfection which is our true and innate condition. The Sanskrit word Atiyoga, meaning primordial knowledge, is a synonym of it.

“What is the main point of the Dzogchen teaching? The main point is being beyond all limitations: this is the real state of Dzogchen. Dzogchen means our real condition, a condition which everybody has. The Dzogchen teaching is for discovering that real condition. Dzogchen is not a book nor a tradition. How do we discover this condition? Firstly we must find out how limited we are and what kind of problems we have in our daily life. If we observe well, all problems arise and develop from our tensions. We develop tensions because, rather than observing ourselves, we are always looking outside and thinking “this is good” or “this is bad.” We give too much importance to our judgments”

    EDITOR’S FOREWORD Noumea, New Caledonia From Tibet to the West The Origin and the Meaning of the Ancient Dzogchen Teaching (Atiyoga) The Process to Discover Our Real Nature: The Three Gates The True Sense of Learning Dzogchen The Importance of Being Aware of our Circumstances and Knowing How to Relax Barcelona, Spain What is a Teaching? What is it for? How is it Useful? Different Teachings are Also Related to the Different Characteristics of the Three Gates Three Kinds of Teachings Called the “Three Paths of Liberation” Sutra Teaching, the Path of Renunciation Vajrayana Teaching, the Path of Transformation Dzogchen Teaching, the Path of Self-Liberation In Dzogchen the Mirror is a Metaphor for Our Real Nature Moscow, Russia The Condition of All Human Beings is Controlled by Our Mind: Limitations and Dualism The Main Point is Being Beyond All Limitations: This is the Real State of Dzogchen A Simple Way to Learn Dzogchen is to Start from Our Own Limitations The Starting Point of What I Call “Evolution” Everything is Interdependent The Importance of Starting With Yourself The Mind and the Nature of Mind: The Example of the Mirror Peace Cannot Really Happen if there is no Evolution of the Individual APPENDIX NAMKHAI NORBU AND THE DZOGCHEN COMMUNITY Atiyoga Dzogchen Master Namkhai Norbu Dzogchen Teaching Shang Shung Publications Ka-Ter The International Dzogchen Community, Gars and Lings The International Atiyoga Foundation Ati Movement and Mind Department BIBLIOGRAPHY OF NAMKHAI NORBU

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