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[E-Book] Shine and Lhagthong in the Dzogchen Teaching (PDF)

by Shang Shung Publications Editorial Team

eBook - 9.60€ (without VAT)


available also: Book - 12.00€

The Dzogchen Semde series explains that after having been introduced to knowledge of the primordial state by a qualified teacher, it is of paramount importance for practitioners to dedicate themselves to specific methods to stabilize their understanding of the non-duality of Shine and Lhagthong. Realization is none other than the integration of such a state in one's awareness in every moment of daily life.

This book is divided into three parts related to the three aspects of the path: view, meditation, and behavior.

The first part is composed of passages explaining how Shine and Lhagthong are presented in the Dzogchen teachings, referring to the system of the Four Contemplations of Dzogchen Semde and comparing the Dzogchen view with that of Sutra and Tantra.

The second part consists of instructions related in particular to the practice of meditation written in the sixteenth century by Sodogpa Lodrö Gyaltsen, dating back to Vairochana, known as the Nyang system.

Part Three offers the Master's instructions concerning the integration of Shine and Lhagthong in behavior through the continuous application of presence and awareness in every moment of daily life.

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