The Shang Shung publishing house was founded as a Cooperative in 1983 at the request and directions of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Today it is a non-profit organization, belonging to the third sector, established in the form of a social enterprise Srl ( limited liability company).

Shang Shung Publications is part of the International Atiyoga Foundation (ATIF), which, established in 2018, has its main objective to help preserve and maintain the spiritual heritage of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu through the development of the various organizations he created. The Atiyoga Foundation is a foundation that works not only with cultures and traditions - such as the Tibetan one, which contains the most ancient human knowledge - but also with the new frontiers of culture and science of the contemporary world, intending to build relationships and synergies with institutions such as universities, museums, schools and academies for the creation of courses, seminars, and cultural events. For this purpose, ATIF includes various departments operating under the umbrella of the foundation.

How to support Shang Shung Publications non-profit organization

The social enterprise publishing house is mainly supported through two forms of financing:

  • Revenue deriving from institutional and commercial activities intended to pursue statutory purposes (mainly publishing activities).
  • Donations and contributions offered by individuals or public and private bodies to encourage the development of activities that comply with institutional objectives.

Whenever you purchase a book published by Shang Shung Publications or make a donation, you support the programs and activities, as required by the institutional purposes.